What do I need to bring for my Campervan holiday around New Zealand?

Embarking on your first campervan adventure is a very exciting time. Travelling around our beautiful country will become one of the most memorable holidays you will ever have. So what does the eager traveller need to bring to ensure their New Zealand campervan experience is just as good as they have imagined? We asked our team of travel consultants to put together a list of things that they felt were essential for the best campervan holiday ever!

One of the most important things to bring all on your holiday is a sense of adventure. The freedom and flexibility of a campervan allows you to spend time exploring different sights and sounds every day. You can stick to an itinerary or go freelance and explore at will. The team at NZ Campervans recommend you leave some of your holiday schedule open – because you will likely find yourself going off the map a little as you work your way through this pristine country. The best thing about a campervan is that it is your home away from home. So go on and indulge yourself – spend another night by that beachside or explore further into the wilderness. 

New Zealand’s climate can be ever changing – which is what makes this place so exciting. The top of the North Island is a sub tropical oasis, while the lower South Island is in winter an icy play land. So that you can actively explore every inch of this country it is important to bring a variety of clothing. You will definitely want to pack your swimwear and sunscreen, but also pop in a warm jacket and hat! 

There are many winding roads and hidden tracks within New Zealand, which make for some of the most picturesque driving in the world. It’s important that you don’t miss the right roadway or miss out on a remote path through the mountains when you are travelling – otherwise you won’t get those unforgettable photo moments! We suggest hiring a GPS unit when you book your campervan. It truly will become your best friend as it guides you through the rugged mountainous peaks that make up New Zealand. 

You will want to remember every second of your campervan holiday in New Zealand. Especially that moment you got to come face to face with a seal or when you bungy jumped into the rocky gorge! We suggest investing in a good quality camera – these are the moments that you will remember for a life time, so why not capture them in high quality? You won’t regret purchasing a camera that will really showcase your New Zealand images – every member of your family is going to want to see them again and again!

One of the highlights of this country is the stunning natural environment. Being in a campervan means you can literally sleep at the beach’s edge – so make sure you hire outdoor furniture for your holiday. Eating beside a beautiful beach and enjoying a beer by the water is unforgettable. Most campervan companies offer a good range of outdoor furniture; grab a table and chairs so that you can really get amongst the natural beauty of New Zealand. 

The team at NZ Campervans know that your campervan holiday around New Zealand is going to be exceptional – how can it not be when you are exploring such a beautiful place? We hope our tips and hints help you to make the most of every minute here – Kia Ora, Haere Mai and enjoy yourself in Aotearoa! 

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