Enjoy some culinary delights while exploring beautiful New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the freshest most unique cuisine in the world. Our location in the pacific allows us to feast on delicious seafood and our distinctive climate encourages beautiful produce to grow. We farm exceptional livestock and our fresh open air farms, mean that our meat products are world renowned for their flavour and variety. Our wine industry is famous – and New Zealand is hailed as producing the best wines in the world.

Exploring New Zealand by campervan allows you to taste and experience food from every inch of our country. Why not enjoy tasting the best food from each region as you traverse the countryside? 

Your campervan comes with cooking facilities for you to enjoy creating some unique masterpieces with the produce you collect along your travels. Gas cook tops, fridges and an array of cooking equipment and supplies will allow you to whip up something unforgettable – all in the comfort of your home away from home. 

If you are travelling through the South Island of New Zealand you must try the fresh beef, lamb and pork that is farmed under the shade of the mighty Southern Alpine mountain range. The livestock are free to roam in a beautiful natural environment which is what gives the meat such distinctive flavour and tenderness. You can purchase this quality meat from any supermarket and add your own touch by using some fresh organic herbs before cooking it to perfection in your campervan.

Further up the coast of the South Island is New Zealand’s premier wine region of Marlborough. This region is one of New Zealand’s sunniest and driest areas, which provides the grapes with a long, flavour-intensifying ripening period. This gives the wines produced here their unique pungency and zesty taste – which is why wines from Marlborough are sought after around the world. You must stop and purchase a least a couple of bottles of Marlborough wine to enjoy on one of your many restful stops along the coastline.

If fresh and flavoursome seafood is what tickles your palate, then a stop over in the top of the North Island is a must. This area of New Zealand is surrounded by pristine, pure waters – where an abundance of sea life flourishes. New Zealand native fish species and shell fish are all on the menu. You can even try your hand at catching some of this divine seafood yourself with a fishing charter experience. Or if you wish to sit back and enjoy the taste explosion; simply purchase your fresh catch from one of the many beachside marketplaces. There is nothing more ‘Kiwi’ than devouring a Crayfish on the white sandy beaches, with a glass of wine in hand. 

Exploring New Zealand is as much about tasting our food and produce as it is about exploring our natural wonderland. Take the time to stop at local markets, collect a diverse range of delicious food and enjoy the freedom of cooking it in your Campervan. New Zealand will definitely leave a good taste in your mouth…

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