How to set up your campervan?

When you first step inside your campervan it is a really exciting feeling! Welcome to your home away for home, your adventure portal, and the magical machine that is going to transport you around this beautiful country! You know that this vehicle is going to lead you on many exciting adventures and also become your sanctuary – a place for you to rest your weary head and body after a full day of exploring.

It is really important to set up your campervan well – getting the basic set up right will mean a successful and stress free journey. Luckily for you the team at NZ Campervans are experts, they have been on many campervan trips and know exactly how to make sure your home away from home is a pleasant and relaxing place to be!

Step One: Explore your surroundings

When you collect your campervan make sure to pay attention to what the team at the depot say. Their instructions are the golden key to success – knowing how to correctly set up the beds, light the gas cooker and empty the waster water is essential. We know you are eager to hit the road, but spend that extra bit of time becoming familiar with your campervan before you leave the depot. If you can’t figure out how something works, it is much easier to find the answers from the security of the depot – rather than in the middle of a remote forest!

Step Two: Sort our your stuff

Travelling in a campervan can be a bit of tight squeeze – with all your gear and the treasures you will collect along the way. It’s a good idea to unpack your belongings and sort out where you are going to store it. Campervans have some pretty nifty storage options, with cupboards hidden down low near the floor and even some above your head. Put the things you are going to need regularly in easy to access spots (so don’t put your underwear in the cupboards beneath the beds!) Try rolling your clothing to save space in the cupboards and make use of the storage options in the drivers cab too. The side cubbies and dashboard glove box are great spots to pop your cosmetics and toiletries.

Step Three: Time to stock up

After you have unpacked and feel at home it is time to stock up on supplies. Head to the nearest supermarket and grab a trolley – you will end up buying quite a few treats (trust us!) Make sure you stock up on essentials, so things like toilet paper, paper towels, insect repellent and sunscreen. It is also a good idea to buy things like shampoo or deodorant in one of the main cities – as the rural supermarkets will charge more for items like these. Your rural stops are the perfect place to buy your fresh produce however, as you will find many roadside stalls that offer great bargains. Don’t forget to buy some drinks and treats to enjoy while your driving, there is nothing better than a handful of chips to revive yourself when you are on a long trip. Investigate the food storage options in your campervan – some will provide a fridge/freezer while others have only a cooler box. You don’t want to buy a big container of ice cream if you don’t have anywhere to store it!

Step Four: Layout and lounge about

When you have arrived at your first stop for the night it’s time to get down to business and convert your campervan into your home on wheels. Get out the outdoor furniture and utilise the outdoor space. Grabbing some outdoor furniture as an additional extra (if your campervan doesn’t come equipped with some) is something you won’t regret. You will just love being able to covert the beautiful outdoor space around you into your own personal living and dining area. When it comes to sleeping, have a practice setting up the beds while there is still some light – makes things much easier first time round. Once you have settled into your new environment, relax and enjoy the novelty of being surrounded by pristine native forest and try and spot some of our wildlife – they aren’t shy!

Step Five: Cleaning up and heading out

The next morning can bring with it a bit of a clean up (depending on how much you ‘enjoyed’ the night before!) Make full use of the bins in the camping grounds. They will offer both general rubbish and recycling facilities – so off load as much junk as you can. This is also the best opportunity to empty your wastewater. There are dump sites throughout the country but some can be a little tricky to locate – so get rid of your waste before you head off. New Zealand is a pure and beautiful country (which is why you have come here) so help us keep it looking good and be responsible with your trash. It is also a good idea to put your belongings back into their storage space before you jump on the road. Doing this now will mean less work later and allow you to enjoy your next location without having to worry about sorting out your stuff.

We hope our tips and tricks will make your campervan experience in New Zealand one to remember. You will find your own unique ways to best enjoy your campervan journey as you travel – and sharing those with your fellow campers you will meet along the way is always a great idea! Exploring in a campervan is the best way to fully experience this amazing country – so good call in hiring one.

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